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As a person and as well as an artist. Shortly before applying to postgraduate study at Royal College of Art (2017) I was working within many disciplines and had hard time defining my artistic medium. I was a painter and a printmaker and a photographer and a video artist, but I was also busy with designing interiors and garments. Two years at RCA that culminated into the Final Degree Show sculptural mixed-media installation   'I  Will  Alway$  £ov€  ¥ou'  have been a struggle towards understanding that I don’t have to choose.



2017-2018 I have been researching SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and conducting my works mainly in mediums such as painting, screen-print, digital print and textile print. The outcome were three major artworks: ' Clueless'. digital print, screen print, 2018, 'Serendipity', textile print, 2018 & 'The Picnic: How Much Is The Fish?', mixed-media (screen-print, digital print, painting, feathers), 2018. 

Summer 2018 I participated in Venice Summer Academy, where I started to experiment with cut outs and pigment powders creating smaller collages, some of what ended up as a prototype for 'Minotaur' screen prints later on, as well as for large scale paintings on canvas. The experimentation with different surfaces, found objects and fluidity of form inspired me to create a piece of multilayered print 'Hey Mickey' (digital print on transparent film, glittered wooden board), what was exhibited at Brexhibition exhibit that took place in Kensington Courtyard Galleries March 2019.

Autumn 2018 - winter 2019 I  started to play around with MOVING IMAGE and PAINTING. This resulted in using the painting 'Black Heart' (2018) as a raw material for a gif, that was exhibited as a part of installation in February 2019 at Southwark Park Galleries Show together with a triptych of abstract paintings 'Coz It Was All Yellow', 'Red Oblivion' and " Midnight Blues" (2018).

PLAYING WITH TRANSPARENCY & INTEGRATING TEXT INTO VISUAL WORK: The devil of the 'Black Heart' made it to the cover of my first artist book in February 2019. The book consists of transparent and non transparent digitally printed pages that present the details of my latest artworks in various collages. Likewise 'Poison,' 'Till The Day I Die' and 'I Will Always Love You' screen printed series, the artist book also integrates an element of text into the visual art, that culminated in ‘Tracey Emin’ style neon sign that I have designed for the Final Degree Show installation.

FROM DIGITAL TO PHYSICAL & FOUND OBJECTS. I found approach to TEXT as a SCULPTURE and PAINTING as a SCULPTURE and came from the computer made collages to cutting out found objects and was remodelling and rearranging the found objects for sculpture and installation. This is how 'The Gucci Bird' transformed into  'The Murdered Gucci Bird' (exhibiting at Swiss Arty Expo 2019).




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